Pros and Cons Of The Simple Bar Graph

 Pros and Cons Of The Simple Bar Graph

Every coin has two sides. Likewise, when it comes to the simple bar graph, there are also some pros and cons associated with it. Those who are unaware of this term must know that these bar graphs are an essential tool for data interpretation. A pictorial rendition is required to understand and analyze the data.

Today, corporations and educational institutions use bar graphs to teach and manage data values. However, only a handful of them will teach about the pros and cons. We bet you that very few of your learning peers are aware that bar graphs also have few disadvantages. Thus, we brought few pros and cons associated with the same.

Advantages of the bar graph

Easy to understand

Bar graphs are easy to understand whether they are used in newspapers or textbooks. Mostly, readers understand visual communication, and a bar graph is one element that conveys the information accurately. Only the major point for readers is to understand the value along the x and y-axis. If data visualization is done correctly, readers can understand in no time.

Simplicity in bar graphs makes readers understand the data. Whether it is a large group or an individual, everyone demands accurate yet straightforward data interpretation. No one has time to listen to each and every piece of data. Simply design a bar graph, enter values and get set to go convey the data. On the other hand, MTF (Modulation Transfer Function) charts are difficult to understand.

Map changes according to time

Representing the data is necessary, and it changes according to the period. Hence, how to visualize the change in data? Let us make things clear for you with an example. For instance, a food chain is running over the years and wants to visualize their performance over the years. Although they have data, how to present only data in front of its stakeholders.

Hence, bar graphs are widely used in business presentations and meetings. It helps readers to understand how the company has performed in a specific time period. As a result, it further helps in analyzing and determining the growth in the future. Designing such professional graphs is a matter of a few minutes. Only you need a computer and a few tools to develop.

Cons of bar graphs

Sometimes additional explanation required

Let us take an example of the double line graph; it is easy to understand. Obviously not because there are graphs representing two data. Hence, a layman presented needs to provide some additional information or a brief insight for such bar graphs. To understand the same, one has to be proficient in mathematics.

Now, in the final time of the presentation, it is not possible to take a mathematics book and understand the basics of a line graph. Hence, a presenter must devote extra time and effort to highlight what graph is all about and its explanation.

Easy to manipulate

There is no bar graph in this world that cannot be manipulated. Every bar graph has a manipulation feature. It is humans who enter the raw data, and computers produce graphs according to it. So, sometimes this data manipulation is done for the wrong purpose as we all know that false information is dangerous. Hence, bar graphs have this major drawback in them that they are easy to manipulate.

Misleading bar graphs will provide false information, and readers need to investigate and research for accurate information. Thus, many students and corporate leaders use graphs under one control. The major loophole is that it can be easily manipulated along the x-axis and y-axis.

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